Worth up to 11.50 credits!
Available Credits: ACPE-P/T, AMA, ANCC, APA, ASWB, CCMC, CDR and Attendance
Start Date: June 9, 2023
Expiration Date: June 9, 2025

Intended audience
These activities are designed to meet the educational needs of case managers, dietitians, nurses, pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, physicians and other health care professionals (HCPs) who are interested in the care and management of oncology, solid organ and blood/marrow transplantation patient populations.

Activity Description
These activities consist of recordings from the "Essentials of Oncology, Solid Organ and Blood/Marrow Transplant Management for the Health Care Team" held March 13–14, 2023, in Scottsdale, Ariz.  

Throughout these activities, faculty will discuss the keys to optimize the management/benefits of individuals with cancer and/or undergoing organ or blood/marrow transplant. Participants will learn about advances, trends and updates on relevant topics within the fields of transplantation and oncology.

Each day of the conference is posted as a separate course. Click the titles below to view the activity recordings and claim credit.

Essentials of Solid Organ and Blood/Marrow Transplant Management for the Health Care Team 

This activity consists of the following recordings from March 13, 2023 and covers topics pertaining to transplantation. Claim up to 5.50 credits. 

Keynote: Realizing the Promise of Equity in the Organ Transplantation System, Matthew Cooper, MD, Medical College of Wisconsin
1.00 credit
Autotransplant for Nutcracker Syndrome and Other Renal Conditions, David P. Foley, MD, UW Health
.75 credit

Expanding Liver Transplantation in the Era of Transplant Oncology, R. Mark Ghobrial, MD, PhD, FACS, FRCS, Houston Methodist
.50 credit

Opioid-Associated Deaths: The Donor Organ Supply and Transplant Considerations, Les James, MD, MPH, NYU Langone Health
.75 credit

Intestinal Transplantation: Optimal Pathways to Improved Prognoses, David F. Mercer, MD, PhD, FRCS (C), FACS, University of Nebraska Medical Center
1.00 credit

Nanotechnology Applications in Transplantation Medicine, Satish Nadig, MD, PhD, Northwestern Medicine
.75 credit

Live Donor Kidney Transplants: Overcoming Incompatibilities and Complications, Dorry L. Segev, MD, PhD, NYU Langone Health
.75 credit

Essentials of Oncology Management for the Health Care Team 

This activity consists of the following recordings from March 13–14, 2023 and covers topics pertaining to oncology. Claim up to 6.00 credits.  

Long-term Followup of Tolerance Through Mixed Chimerism: The Future Is Now, Stephan Busque, MD, Stanford Medicine
.75 credit

Role of the Gut Microbiome in Cancer, Vikas Dudeja, MD, FACS, University of Alabama at Birmingham 
.75 credit

Emerging Strategies in the Management of BRAF-V600E Mutated Metastatic Colorectal Cancer, Marwan G. Fakih, MD, City of Hope
.75 credit

Keynote: Honoring Professional Grief: Acknowledging Death and Loss in Practice, Kelly Grosklags, LICSW, BCD, FAAGC, FT, Conversations with Kelly
.75 credit

Breast Cancer: Advancing Treatment and Inclusivity, Damé Idossa, MD, University of Minnesota
 .75 credit

Advances in CAR T-Cell Therapy: Second Line Approvals in Lymphoma, Javier L. Munoz, MD, MBA, Mayo Clinic in Arizona
 .50 credit

Immunotherapy for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: Where Are We Now, and Where Are We Headed? Jason Niu, MD, PhD, Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center
1.00 credit

Advancing Awareness, Equity and Inclusiveness in Clinical Cancer Trials, Ana I. Velázquez Mañana, MD MSc, UC, San Francisco
.75 credit

Method of Participation
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