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Test Questions

Test questions enable us to accurately measure outcomes for this activity. Responses are collected from participants one week prior to the activity, at the conclusion of the activity, and 3-months post-activity. To fulfill the final step of this process, please select the correct answer for the following test questions.

Mrs. Smith is enrolled in the HF program. She is currently experiencing shortness of breath at rest and having a great amount of discomfort with activities. Her echocardiogram revealed an EF of 35%.
Mrs. Smith has recently been admitted to the hospital and prescribed the following medications: losartan 100 mg daily, metoprolol succinate 100 mg daily, torsemide 40 mg daily, atorvastatin 40 mg daily and escitalopram 10 mg daily.
A nurse places a HF outreach call to Mrs. Smith. Mrs. Smith shares the following information: “I have been tired and I noticed my ankles are swelling up. I didn’t sleep so well last night either. I ended up adding a couple of pillows under my head and that seemed to help.”
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