2015 Job Task Analysis Survey

This survey should take approximately 15-20 minutes. Thank you for supporting OptumHealth Education’s efforts to make the Pharmacy Benefit Management Technician Certification Examination the best it can be.

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For the purposes of this survey, a Pharmacy Technician is a health care professional who performs pharmacy-related functions, generally working under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist and has a job title such as:

  • Technician
  • Clerk
  • Agent
  • Allied Health Professional

For the purposes of this survey, regardless of your title or professional designation, if you identify yourself as a Pharmacy Technician (as defined above) and are employed by a Pharmacy Benefit Management service provider or contracted entity which provides any of the following services, you would be considered a Pharmacy Benefit Management Technician:

  • Home Delivery Pharmacy
  • Mail Service Pharmacy
  • Prior Authorization
  • Adjudication Review
  • Clinical Review
  • Pharmacy Benefit Management Operations Support