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Conference Evaluation and Certificate of Attendance Request Process

A Certificate of Attendance will be available at the conclusion of the conference. To complete the post-conference materials please go to: www.optumhealtheducation.com/managed-care/mdf2012-evaluation

About This Conference

We invite you to attend OptumHealth’s “6th Annual Medical Director Forum”! This year’s agenda has been developed to educate decision-makers on cutting-edge health care and wellness-related topics that can impact large populations. Leading experts will discuss challenges and opportunities surrounding current health care issues, as well as best practices to improve patient outcomes, drive innovation, and promote cost efficiencies.

Conference topics will address methods to engage and empower consumers to improve their quality of life; opportunities to optimize outcomes through cooperation among physicians and consumers; and ethical issues surrounding some of the most recent health care innovations.

Keynote Speakers
Dr. Kevin Volpp is a leading behavioral economist whose work focuses on developing and testing innovative ways of improving patient health behavior and affecting provider performance. We are pleased to have him share his insights regarding improving engagement and changing behavior.

Dr. Michael Ozner is a leading advocate for heart disease prevention. Author of The Miami Mediterranean Diet, The Great American Heart Hoax and Heart Attack Proof, Dr. Ozner will share the latest approaches to heart disease prevention and treatment.

Optum, UnitedHealthcare and UnitedHealth Group Employees
There will be a business update meeting held on Friday, Nov. 9 for UnitedHealth Group attendees.

Targeted Audience

This conference has been developed for Optum, UnitedHealthcare, and UnitedHealth Group medical directors, as well as medical directors and other physicians across the country who manage large patient populations and/or their benefits.

Conference Educational Objectives

Upon successful completion of this conference, participants should be able to:

  • Explore innovative ways of applying insights from behavioral economics to improve patient health behavior and affect provider performance.
  • Identify effective communication and engagement strategies to promote and empower consumers to be active participants in their health care.
  • Discuss long-term health effects of obesity in children and how a low-glycemic diet affects hormones, metabolism, and body weight.
  • Explain the potential role of pharmacogenomics in optimizing drug efficacy and minimizing toxicity, as well as the ethical issues that exist within this field of medicine.
  • Identify how to improve the management of stable coronary artery disease with aggressive prevention through lifestyle changes and medical therapy instead of surgical intervention.
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