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Empathy: Social Care Education

The empathy series is designed to equip you with social care expertise that drives deeper awareness and compassionate care for the people you serve. This content is applicable to any role within health care, focusing on critical concepts like health equity, social determinants of health, empathy, health disparities, cultural humility, motivational interviewing and compassion.

This series will require you to reflect on your personal and cultural experiences and encourage you to slow down, actively listen and take the appropriate action to serve others, whether that be patients, colleagues, family, friends or your community.

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32nd Annual National Conference

This is the conference health care professionals attend year after year to receive unparalleled instruction on the hottest topics and most important advances in the care and management of medically complex patients. The agenda will be expanded to cover a wider range of topics that address current challenges, critical issues, and drivers in health that are transforming health care delivery. 
October 2–4, 2023 | Minneapolis, MN

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