Thank you for participating as a presenter at OptumHealth Education's Essentials of Oncology, Solid Organ and Blood/Marrow Transplant Management for the Health Care Team conference to be held March 14–15, 2022, in Scottsdale, Ariz.

COVID-19 Vaccination Policy for In-Person Attendees and Faculty
It is mandatory that all in-person presenters and attendees show proof of COVID-19 vaccination to gain entry into the event. Vaccination status will be confirmed on-site prior to admittance to the event or event space. Being fully vaccinated is defined as two weeks after receiving the second dose of a two-dose vaccine series or the first dose of a single-dose vaccine. Currently, additional doses beyond a complete series (e.g., booster) are not required. 

I understand and agree to comply with the COVID-19 Vaccination Policy as part of my in-person event participation.

Duty of Care Measures
The safety of our attendees and staff are our highest priority. UnitedHealth Group cannot provide specific risk levels for event activities so it is important to consider your own personal situation and the risk to you, other attendees and staff before participating.

Coming together safely for this conference is our highest priority. Safety measures listed below are in accordance with CDC and local authority guidelines and may evolve to remain in alignment with applicable regulations and best practices. The following precautions will be taken:

  • Boosters and self-testing are strongly recommended prior to attendance.
  • Masking is strongly recommended. Medical-grade- and KN95 masks will be available for all presenters and attendees. 
    • Note: OptumHealth Education is following CDC masking guidelines. There are currently no masking mandates by the state of Arizona or local governments. (This means that guests at the resort and surrounding areas are not required to wear a mask.)
  • There will be extra spacing in the meeting rooms for comfort. Outdoor space will be utilized, when possible, for meal functions.
  • We ask that all presenters and attendees are respectful of these rules and each other's space, and do not participate in in-person sessions if experiencing any symptoms of COVID.