The Code of Conduct establishes key guiding principles that form the basis of INSPIRIS’ policies and procedures and also establishes conditions for employment.

Our individual conduct is the foundation of INSPIRIS’ reputation for integrity, professionalism and fairness. Legal and ethical standards set the foundation for our public image and also serve as the basis for our relationships with one another as co-workers and team members.

The Code, as well as all laws, regulations, guidelines, and INSPIRIS policies and procedures, must be observed by everyone: colleagues, contract labor, consultants, members of the Board of Directors and anyone else engaged in our work environment or acting on behalf of our company. No one, regardless of position, will be allowed to disregard the Code, laws, regulations, business standards or our company policies or procedures.

Failure to comply with the Code, statutes, regulations, guidance or company policies and procedures can result in serious damage to our standing in the community, regulatory action against our company and individual colleagues and disciplinary action up to and including immediate termination.


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Lesson 1: Escalation of Reportable Conditions

Lesson 2: Fair and Accurate Billing

Lesson 3: Financial and Confidential Information

Lesson 4: Health and Safety

Lesson 5: Human Resources

Lesson 6: Compliance Program Overview 1

Lesson 7: Compliance Program Overview 2

Lesson 8: Compliance Program Overview DH

Lesson 9: Laws and Regulations

Lesson 10: Material and Intellectual Property

Lesson 11: Quality of Care

Lesson 12:  Use of Electronic Technology and Data

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