This comprehensive series is specifically tailored for health care professionals seeking to enhance their expertise and effectiveness in fundamental aspects of case management. Designed to empower participants with practical skills and up-to-date knowledge, it aims to provide case managers with improved competency in the following areas:  

Assertiveness and Conflict Resolution - Develop assertive communication skills and strategies for effective conflict resolution to navigate challenging situations more effectively.

Building Resilience - Review burnout-related symptoms and develop strategies to develop resilience, respond to challenging situations and prevent burnout.

The Business of Healthcare - Review evidence-based strategies for reimbursement and discuss the relationships between coding, documentation, patient access, care delivery and quality of care. 

Guardianship - Become familiar with legal guardianship requirements and discuss the common issues and challenges that case managers may face during guardianship determinations.  

Legal Issues and Risk in Case Management - Gain insight into the legal and ethical aspects of health care coordination and review care coordinators’ ethical responsibilities as they relate to the standards of practice and code of conduct.

Motivational Interviews with Patients - Discuss motivational interviewing techniques and delve into strategies to develop and enhance interview techniques. 

Post-Acute Discharge Planning - Increase competency surrounding the post-acute discharge planning process and examine the criteria and eligibility requirements for post-discharge care services.


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